Ederra Technologies Private Limited

We are primarily a services company focusing on two niche segments which are Space & Artificial Inteligence.

In the Space segment our expertise lies in RF, Antennas, Baseband equipements and Turnkey projects. We have over 15 years of experience working with Indian Space and Research Organization(ISRO) and Defence Research and Development Organization(DRDO) on some of the most prestegious projects in India like Mangalyaan, Gaganyaan, NISAR etc, we are perfect for anyone looking for a Sales, Service or Consultation partner.

In the AI segment we believe that the data you feed into the Algorithm is the crux of how the AI understands and learns to perceive our world and the quality of this data defines how accurately the AI performs/ reacts to situations over time. Therefore, we have built a team that has perfected their skills in data annotation for various use cases. We are the Human Machine Interface that helps the AI understand our world in the digital plane with the highest level of accuracy so it can perform its tasks with perfection